We’ve Gone Green

Known for its dedication to its clients, Thompson Court Reporting is now extending that dedication to the environment.

In our efforts to operate in the most environmentally-friendly manner, we are making some small changes wit big impact.  These changes not only benefit the environment but indirectly benefit you, our clients.

By streamlining our dissemination of transcripts and conserving where we can, we are able to limit our production costs and pass those savings on to you by keeping our fees affordable in today’s challenging market.

Some of the changes you can expect to see:

    • With the exception of printing original transcripts in hard copy, we have begun producing and disseminating all transcripts utilizing electronic resources.
    • Thompson Court Reporting is a proud subscriber of RealLegal’s E-transcript, the industry standard f electronic transcripts.  E-transcript is used by more than 70 percent of the court reporting industry to provide attorneys with high-performance, standardized, secure and signed electronic transcripts.
    • SBF file format with linked exhibits is also available for those clients who utilize CT Summation legal support software.
    • (Our reporters are more than happy to educate, demonstrate, and instruct those attorneys and legal support staff not familiar with electronic transcripts)
    • All exhibits and paper documents are scanned and provided in PDF format, and archived. When possible, we disseminate all correspondence via email
  • Thompson Court Reporting makes every effort to purchase and utilize recycled office products, including copy paper, transcript binders, envelopes, and shipping materials.

What will NOT change . . .

    • The highest level of professional discovery services
    • Timely, accurate transcripts
  • Dependable, reliable, highly-qualified reporters

We hope that you will join and support us in our conservation efforts.  However, paper transcripts (full size or condensed) are still available upon request at no additional charge.