Why use certified court reporters?

Did you know that South Carolina does not mandate any sort of training and/or certification in order to practice court reporting  in this state?  Are you using competent reporters with the expertise and knowledge to preserve YOUR  record while upholding a code of professional responsibility and ethical standards?

The responsibility of court reporters  as the impartial record keepers in court and deposition proceedings is critical.  Having the skills and knowledge to fulfill this responsibility is an absolute necessity.   Due to the absence of certification or licensure requirements in South Carolina, attorneys and the public are afforded no protection when hiring a court reporter. Thompson Court Reporting takes pride in keeping with the rapidly changing technology and sophistication of the litigation industry.  All of our reporters are nationally certified by the United States authority for verbatim court reporters (NVRA) or are a graduate of a recognized court reporting school or program and working toward national certification.  We are members of both state and national professional associations and strictly adhere to their Code of Professional  Responsibility.  We participate in continuing education to enable us to meet the ever changing  demands of the profession.

Our clients can be confident in our professional competence and recognize each reporter’s individual expertise and knowledge.  Scheduling Thompson Court Reporting guarantees you an educated, well-trained and ethical reporter to fulfill your court reporting needs.

Certification Designations Defined:

Certifications granted by the National Verbatim Reporters Association (NVRA)                                                                                             

  • CVR  (Certified Verbatim Reporter )
  • CVR-M  (Certified Verbatim Reporter Master)
  • CVR-CM  (Certified Verbatim Reporter Certificate of Merit)
  • RVR  (Realtime Verbatim Reporter)

Certifications granted by the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA)

  • RPR  (Certified Registered Reporter)
  • RMR (Registered Merit Reporter)
  • CRR (Certified Realtime Reporter)
  • CLVS (Certified Legal Video Specialist)